The BAT54 is surface mount fast switching planar schottky barrier diode in SOT-23 package. These diode is single configured featured with PN junction guard ring for transient and ESD protection. Automotive grade AEC-Q101 qualified. Peak repetitive reverse voltage of 30V. The BAT85 series from NXP are axial leaded Schottky barrier diodes. These diodes feature a […]

diode tvs 24v

diode tvs 24v. TVS diodes absorb abnormal voltage from interfaces, external terminals, etc., prevent malfunction of circuits and protect devices. They are suitable for absorbing and suppressing static electricity or short-pulse voltage. How to Select a TVS Diode for IO-Link Devices diode tvs 24v Sellers. Buy 24V TVS Diodes. Farnell UK offers fast quotes, same […]

Diodes Brands

Seoul Viosys As of 2019, Seoul Viosys is a global LED specialist company with its sales revenue of about 300 billion won which belongs to the top class of LED market in the world. Approximately 4,000 patents lead the product market with differentiated technology, solidify the LED market, and provide LED products leading the current […]