diode tvs 24v

diode tvs 24v.

TVS diodes absorb abnormal voltage from interfaces, external terminals, etc., prevent malfunction of circuits and protect devices. They are suitable for absorbing and suppressing static electricity or short-pulse voltage.

How to Select a TVS Diode for IO-Link Devices

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As a result, TVS diodes are essential devices you should use to protect your circuit from the risk of transients. Transient Voltage suppressors are typically placed in parallel with the circuit.

Littelfuse supplies TVS Diodes with peak power ratings from 400W to 30kW, and reverse standoff voltages from 5V to 495V.

Maximum clamping voltage (Vc) is the maximum voltage drop across the TVS while it is subjected to the maximum peak pulse current. This is the maximum voltage that the circuit will be exposed to. The clamping voltage is approximately 3xVBR.

Technically, a diode is a two terminal device that conducts current primarily in one direction. A TVS, or TVS diode, is a two terminal device that is designed to conduct current in the reverse breakdown region.