Nichia Laser Diodes

Some of the Nichia Laser Diodes are easily to get , just search the module number # by google or amazon(such as ndb7a75 , the ndb7a75 or NDB7a75, when the module # is NDB, it’s nichia brand diodes ).

NDB means Nichia Diode Blue, such as NDB7a75.

NDG means Nichia Diodes Green, such as NDG7475.

Some of the Nichia Laser Diodes are hard to buy, because the Nichia company doesn’t sell their diodes directly, they give all their diodes to the resellers to do the markets.

Here at BeamQa you can get those Nichia laser diodes as following:

NDB7a75 450nm 3500mW

NDG7475 520nm 1000mW