100pcs For LG High Power 2835 SMD LEDs Diodes Television Super Bright Diodo SMD LED 1210 3528 1W 100LM Cool White TV Backlight


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  • Type: LED
  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • Condition: New
  • is_customized: Yes
  • Max. Forward Current: 350MA
  • Max. Forward Voltage: Perfect substitute/same polarity
  • Max. Reverse Current: 3.5*2.8*0.65MM
  • Model Number: LATWT470RELZK
  • Max. Reverse Voltage: 7000-10000k
  • Voltage: 3V
  • Package Type: Surface Mount
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1W led Cold Whtie







 Manufacturer  :   
Origin :  Korea
 Package  Model:Loaded Quantity  3600PCS  Per  Reel
  Forward Current      (IF ):  400mA
  Pulse Forward  Curren t1     (IFp): 650mA
  Reverse  Current    (IR): 25mA
  Reverse Voltage   (VR):  0.8-1.2V  (5mA)
  Power Dissipation  (PD):  1460mW
  Operatin  Tgemperature   (Topr):   -30 –  +90  ° C
Storage Temperature   (Tstg):  -40  –  +100  ° C
   Soldering Temperature     (Tsld):  Reflow Soldering:260  ° C
for 10secs
Hand Soldering:350  ° C
for 3secs
  Junctio  Tnemperature   (Tj ):  135 ° C
  Forward  Voltage   (VF):   3.05-3.65V (250mA)
  Luminous Flux    (LM):     lm   (20mA)
Luminous  Intensity  ( IV ) :  23.5cd  (250mA)
  Wavelength    (nm) :  -nm       mA
  CIE : x=0.2960   y=0.2770   (250mA)
  Color Correlated Temperature    (CCT):
  CRI  :   80°
  Viewing angle :  120°
  Lead Frame Type LED Package:  3.5×2.8×0.60mm    L×W×H    d=2.0mm


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