1030nm Fast AOM for Pulse Picking Free Space




Details:1030nm Fast AOM for Pulse Picking Free Space Acousto-optic Modulator


Rise/fall time faster than 10 ns.
Operation Wavelength: 1030nm (AR coating required)
Diffraction efficiency higher than 30 %
Carrier frequency higher than 200 MHz.
1 Week Short delivery time

Parameter, smallest,largest,Regular
Wavelength(nm) 1010 1100 1030
Average optical power W 30
Peak (pulse) optical power kW 30
Ultrasonic sound velocity m/s 4200
Diffraction efficiency % 70
Center frequency MHz 200
Frequency shift MHz 200
3dB bandwidth MHz ±20
Clear aperture (length * width) mm 2.5*0.1
RF power W 2.5
Rising edge time ns 10 10ns@0.05mm spot

Voltage standing wave ratio 1.3:1
Input impedance Ω 50
Deflection angle mrad 49
Device interface SMA
Working temperature ℃ -10~60
Storage temperature ℃ -40~70


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