10A active Balancer 4S 8S 16S 17S 24S Transformer feedback energy transfer for solar storeage Li-ion/lifepo4/LTO Equalizer bms


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The first time you use the equalizer, it is required to charge, and then stop until you are satisfied. Remember to keep the charger plugged in and don’t unplug it!

Balance type:

1) General purpose for ternary lithium, lithium iron phosphate and lithium manganate batteries

2) Lithium titanate battery

Classification of string numbers:

There are 4 kinds of string numbers.
Namely: 4 S, 8 S, 16 S,24S. The number of strings is backward compatible, such as a 24-string equalization board, which can balance 4-24 strings of battery packs.
Packing method: plastic case package.
4S 8S are packaged in a plastic case. Size: 120*60*25mm
16S, 20S, and 24S are packaged in a plastic case. Size: 150*120*35mm

Starting conditions:

When using for the first time, the total voltage is required to be higher than 12V, and there is no pressure difference requirement.

Series and parallel connection and the relationship with the protection board:

The equalizer works independently, with independent wiring, and has nothing to do with the protection board.

Support parallel connection, increase the equalization effect

Support wireless cascading, the number of cascading series=A equalization board series+B equalization board series-1

Power consumption

The working power consumption is about 0.2W, which is reflected in the batteries of different strings. The more strings, the lower the power consumption current.

Balanced current:

4S and 8Sequalization boards, with a voltage difference of 0.1V, the equalization current is 1.5A.

16S 20S, 24S equalizing board, for every 0.1V voltage difference, the equalizing current is 1.2A.

Working mode:

variable voltage push-pull rectifier feedback type energy transfer, all batteries participate in equalization synchronously

High voltage discharge, low voltage charge

Balance current:

The equalization current is not a fixed value, the greater the pressure difference, the greater the equalization current.

0.1V differential pressure, the resulting equilibrium current is about 1.2A-1.5A

0.2V differential pressure, balance current is 2.4A-3A. 10A is Max

Balanced Aging

Due to the difference in battery capacity and consistency, the balance will eventually differ by a few MV, and there is no uniform standard.

General situation: A battery pack with a capacity of 100AH can reach less than 5MV after fully charged and balanced. The smaller the capacity, the better the effect.

Recommendation: 100-200AH capacity battery pack recommends a balance board, for larger capacity, it is recommended to use 2 or more in parallel.

References and suggestions:

1. When wiring, please unplug the wiring terminals to prevent the wrong sequence or short circuit. After connecting the wires, test and verify the wiring sequence.

2. For multi-string equalization boards with two plugs, after connecting the wires, please insert the small plug first, that is, the 5-position plug, which is also the low-voltage side terminal. Insert the large plug after 10 seconds.

3. The first time you use the balance, please ensure that the battery is fully balanced. Maybe it will take longer, but this is a prerequisite to ensure that the battery will maintain good consistency for a long time in future use. Practical operation: Connect the equalization board, charge, and keep the charging state all the time, so that each string of batteries is kept in a fully charged state.
Don’t worry, with the aid of the balance board, the battery voltage can achieve the effect you want, for example, let all the batteries reach 3.6V or more. Confidence in our products is also confidence in our own battery packs.

BMS 4S 8S 100A 200A 3.2V Same Port with active balancer

Undervoltage protection: 2.1V

Recovery output: 2.3V

Passive balance on: 3.45V

Passive balance stop: 3.45V

Overcharge protection: 3.75V

Return charging: 3.6V

Continuous discharge current: 100A/200A (maximum)

Active balancing current: 10A (maximum)

BMS 4S 8S 100A 200A 3.7V Same Port with active balancer

Undervoltage protection: 2.8V

Recovery output: 3.0V

Passive balance on: 4.19V

Passive balance stop: 4.19V

Overcharge protection: 4.25V

Return charging: 4.19V

Continuous discharge current: 100A /200A (maximum)

Active balancing current: 10A (maximum)



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