3.5W NDB7A75 high power blue light drive circuit 4.5A constant current band slow start and step down three stage dimming


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The driving circuit developed by our shop, the maximum output current of most driving circuits is generally less than 3A, while the current required for the nominal power of NDB7A75 is 3A, so the maximum 3A can no longer meet the needs of use, and most users are used for appropriate overfrequency use, so more current is needed to drive the blue-light circuit powered by two lithium batteries, which has been verified by the owner’s batch shipment, and the output power is stable..

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Second, product specifications

Circuit control: 5V buck circuit, constant current output, ensure 5.8-12V power supply through the optical output stability

Dimensions: 12*22mm (width * length)

Reverse protection: unique reverse protection design, do not worry about the battery instead of burning the plate

Pin Definition: Pads specially designed for 445nm driver board. You only need to arrange the pads according to the triangular shape of the pins and solder them naturally.

Definition of polarity: The module shell is positive and the tail end solder is negative. Please refer to this link for welding instructions.

Warning: In order to ensure safety, it is recommended to use imported two 3.7V lithium batteries with protective plates (16340, 18650, 14500 and 18500 for power supply). Do not use inferior batteries, because double lithium requires high internal resistance capacity and discharge performance of batteries.,特别禁止采用三节及以上不带保护板的圆柱锂电,可能很多朋友平时也经常用三节没发生什么爆炸的意外,假如采用三节,其中一节内阻大,放电快,产生过放,而所有的降压的芯片在5.8-6V启动工作,即使有欠压保护也无济于事,电路处于失控状态,将会直接导致短路可产生爆炸,钢壳电芯威力是非常大的,当然这种可能性百分比不大,但只要发生,后果不堪设想!

You can use the 6-30V DC power supply directly, or use two and three series of polymer lithium cores, which are currently the safest in all lithium batteries.



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