3.5W NDB7A75 high-power blue light drive circuit 4.5A constant current with slow start and step down three-gear dimming


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Drive circuit developed by our store,The maximum output current of most drive circuits is generally3AWithin,AndNDB7A75The required current for nominal power is required3A,So the biggest3ACan not meet the use,Besides, most users use it properly for overclocking,So need more current drive,Blue light circuit for two lithium batteries,Stable output power.


One,Product Picture



Two,Product specifications

Circuit control:5VBuck circuit,Constant current output,Guarantee5.8-12VThe power supply is stable through light output.

Size specification:12*22mm(Width*Long)

Reverse protection:Unique reverse protection design,Don’t worry about the battery instead of burning the board

Pin definition:Designed445nmDrive plate design pad,You only need to arrange the natural welding according to the triangle of the foot position.

Polarity definition:The module case is positive,The tail end pad is negative


Warning:In order to ensure safety,It is recommended to use imported two sections with protective plates.3.7VLithium battery(16340,18650,14500And18500Power supply),Do not use inferior batteries,Because double lithium has high internal resistance capacity and discharge performance requirements for the battery core,,In particular, it is forbidden to use three or more cylindrical lithium batteries without protective plates.,Maybe many friends usually use three sections without any explosion accidents.,If three sections are adopted,One of them has a large internal resistance.,Fast Discharge,Produced over-release,And all the buck chips are5.8-6VStart working,Even if there is undervoltage protection, it will not help,The circuit is out of control,Will directly lead to short circuit can produce explosion,The power of the steel shell core is very large.,Of course, the percentage of this possibility is not large.,But as long as it happens,The consequences are unimaginable!


You can directly adopt6-30VDC power supply,Or two strings and three strings of polymer lithium battery,Polymer is currently the safest in all lithium batteries..


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