3 line 3.7V,6000mAH,[3280150] PLIB ( polymer lithium ion battery ) Li-ion battery for tablet pc,GPS,mp3,mp4,cell phone,speaker


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  • Brand Name: Liter energy battery
  • Component Type: Other
  • Battery Capacity: 6000MAH
  • Model Number: 3280150
  • Compatible Brand: Lenovo
  • Package: Yes


18650 Rechargeable battery

Item description

Product parameters:


Internal resistance:<150
Charging times: More than 600 times
Charging voltage: 4.2 ± 0.03V
Working temperature: -20 ℃ ~ 60 ℃


Product features:
1.Strong applicability;
2. Stable performance
Stable performance, long cycle life, high energy density, wide operating temperature range, stable discharge voltage.
3. sufficient capacity;
Quality assurance, using excellent batteries, sufficient capacity, low internal resistance and stable voltage.
4.Use with confidence.
High protection, built-in protection board, over-charge and over-discharge protection, battery use is assured.
Widely used: Mainly suitable for Bluetooth speakers, Bluetooth headsets, smart watches, smart bracelets, alarms, medical equipment, tablet computers (MID), PDA, mobile power, LED solar lamps, mobile audio, loudspeakers, navigation (GPS), driving Electronic equipment such as recorders, electric toys, and electronic scale intelligent cleaning robots.
1.To ensure that the battery maintains the capacity level, it is recommended that the battery and battery pack be stored at -0 ~ 35 ° C, low humidity, and non-corrosive gas.
2.Avoid storing the battery in high temperature or high humidity, otherwise it will cause battery leakage, rust, and low capacity.
3.Long-term storage may cause the capacity of the battery and battery pack to decrease, and it will take 1-3 charge / discharge cycles to reach the maximum discharge capacity.
4.The battery needs to be charged and discharged once after three months of storage. To avoid over-discharging the battery, it must be stored under power.
5.The battery is over-discharged for an instant and then charged immediately without damaging the battery. However, the battery will be damaged if it is discharged for a long time.



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