500nm~505nm~510nm 15mW~20mW SM Pigtailed LD with 9um Fiber


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●  WSLP-505-020m-9
●  Wavelength: 505nm
●  Output power: 20mW
●  Package: Coaxial
●  Fiber core: 9um
●  Fiber length: 80cm
●  Connector: FC/SC/SMA905 optional

Specifications WSLP-505-020m-9
                    Min Type Max
Center Wavelength@25℃ +/-5nm 505nm +/-10nm
Spectral Width (FWHM) —- 2.0nm —-
Output Power 15mW 20mW
Fiber Type SMF-28
fiber core 9um
Recommend Operating Temperature —- 25°C
Polarization Extinction Ratio
PD Reverse Voltage
Fiber Connector —- FC/SC/SMA905
Fiber Length —- 80cm 100cm
Threshold Current (Typ.) —- 50mA 90mA
Operating Current(Typ.) 180mA 200mA
Operating Voltage 7.5V 8.0V
Package Style Coaxial or B82


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