635nm 5mw Laser Diode Module RED Number ZN-LDR-005 ​​DIY Laser Sensor Light Emitting Tube LED Electronic Desi Package: TO56


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  • DIY Supplies: ELECTRICAL
  • Certification: CE
  • Certification: FCC
  • Certification: RoHS
  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • Type: TO56
  • Output Type: 5mW
  • Size: 5.6mm
  • Model Number: ZN-LDR-005
  • Style: Red

635nm 5mw Laser Diode Module RED Number ZN-LDR-005 DIY Laser Sensor Light Emitting Tube LED Electronic Desi

The safety level of the laser

According to the classification of the risk of laser to the human body, the MPE (maximal possible effect) on the eyes is observed in the light tree as a benchmark, which can be divided into grades one to four.

Class I: Low-output laser (power less than 0.4mW), under any conditions, the eyes and skin will not exceed the MPE value, even after focusing through the optical system, it will not exceed the MPE value. Design security can be guaranteed without special management. Typical applications such as laser pointers, CD players, CD-ROM equipment, geological exploration equipment and laboratory analysis instruments, short-distance communication transmission, etc.

Class II:low-output visible laser (power 0.4mW-1mW), the response time of people closing their eyes is 0.25 seconds, and the exposure calculated by this time cannot exceed the MPE value. Usually, the laser below 1mW will cause dizziness and inability to think. It cannot be said to be completely safe to use closed eyes to protect it. Do not observe directly in the beam, and do not directly irradiate other people's eyes with Class II lasers. Avoid using telescopic equipment to observe Class II Laser. Typical applications are classroom presentations, laser pointers, aiming devices and rangefinders.

Class III:Medium output laser, if the beam is directly injected into the eyes, it will cause injury. Based on some safety reasons, it is further divided into IIIA and IIIB.

Class IIIA: is a visible light continuous laser, the output is a laser beam of 1-5mW, and the energy density of the beam should not exceed 25W/m-m. Avoid observing the IIIA laser with telescopic equipment, which may increase the danger. Typical applications of IIIA and Class II have many similarities, such as laser pointers, laser scanners and so on.

Class IIIB: is a continuous laser of 5-500mW, and it is dangerous to observe directly in the beam. However, the minimum irradiation distance is 13cm, and the maximum irradiation time is less than ten seconds for safety. Typical applications of IIIB lasers are spectrometry and entertainment light shows.

Class IV: High output continuous laser (greater than 500mW), higher than the third level, there is a danger of fire, and diffuse reflection is also dangerous. Typical applications such as surgery, research, cutting, welding and micromachining


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