Acousto-Optic Frequency Shifters 1550nm Fiber-coupled AOFS





Acousto-Optic Frequency Shifters 1550nm Fiber-coupled AOFS

The acousto-optic Frequency Shifter (AOFS) with RF driver is used to modify the frequency of the optical beam. Due to the Doppler shift, the frequency shift of 1st order diffracted light (variation quantity of wavelength) equals to the frequency of acoustic (wavelength) after the AO frequency shifters. If the incident direction of acoustic wave and optical wave are the same, the laser frequency shifts will be the positive value, anyway if the incident direction are opposite, the value of the laser frequency shifts will be the negative value.

Applications such as interference-based optical techniques require a high extinction ratio between the diffracted and undiffracted beam; This can be achieved with a high-quality optical finish to minimize optical scatter.

We offer standard products with frequency shifts of 73 MHz In addition, also provide the services of customize for center frequency and the value of frequency shifts.


Laser cooling
Laser Doppler velocimetry
Optical heterodyne detection

Interaction material TeO2
Wavelength 1550 nm
Damage threshold >1 GW/cm x cm
RF frequency 73 MHz
Frequency shift bandwidth ±3 MHz
Acoustic mode Compressional
Insertion loss <4 dB
Extinction ratio > 100 dB
Fiber type FC/APC
RF power 2.5 W (max)
RF connector SMA-F
Cooling Conduction-cooled
Shell material Aluminum alloy 6061


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