CJMCU-101 OPT101 analog light intensity module light sensor chip photodiode


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Product Feature

The OPT101 is an illuminance photosensor that integrates a photodiode and a specially optimized op amp. The transparent package allows the photodiode to have a larger sensing surface with higher sensitivity and a wide spectral response range (infrared to visible light 300nm-1000nm).

Product Parameter
  • Working voltage: 2.7 ~ 36V

  • Working temperature: 0°C~70°C

  • Photodiode light irradiation area: 5.2mm2

  • Photocurrent: 0.45A/W (λ = 650nm)

  • Output voltage ratio: 0.45V/uW

  • Analog voltage output range: Vs-1.15

  • Bandwidth: 14KHz

  • Static power consumption: 120uA

  • Pin Function
    • VCC: power supply positive pin

    • -V: negative supply

    • -IN: the inverting input of the internal op amp and the negative of the internal photodiode,

    • Do not connect or apply feedback that is abandoned in the operation

    • 1M: Internal 1MΩ feedback resistor input

    • OUT: Amplifier output

    • COM: Internal photodiode positive, generally connected to GND

    • Note: The module does not solder the CEXT external capacitor and the REXT external resistor, leaving the pad for easy extension.


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