CMF02A Toshiba Fast Recovery diode M-FLATTM


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CMF02A Toshiba Fast Recovery Diode (FRD) Silicon Diffused Junction, Module Number cmf02a .

  1. Applications • High-Speed Rectification (Fast recovery)
  2. Features (1) Repetitive peak reverse voltage: VRRM = 600 V (2) Average forward current: IF(AV) = 1.0 A (3) Peak forward voltage: VFM = 2.0 V (max) @IFM = 1.0 A (pulse measurement) (4) Reverse recovery time: trr = 100 ns (max) @I F = 1.0 A, di/dt = -30 A/ µs (5) The use of small, thin surface-mount package is optimum way for high-density mounting.

Nickname: M-FLATTM datasheet download Toshiba diode cmf02a datasheet


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