Photodiode Sensor Module (3-wire), Auto-Control Module, Photo-Switch Model Accessories


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Photosensitive diode sensor module(3 Wire) It is a sensor for detecting light..


Ray luminance detection, Light luminance sensor, Directionality, A light source in front of the sensor only, Better light seeking effect

1 The brightness and intensity of the surrounding environment can be detected.( Comparison with photosensitive resistance, Better directionality, A light source that can perceive a fixed direction)
2 Sensitivity adjustable( Blue digital potentiometers in the diagram)
3 working voltage:3.3V-5V Working current:8.2MA Static current:4.7MA
4  Digital switching output(0 and1)
5  Fixed bolt hole, Easy to install
6  Small platesPCB size:3.2cm * 1.4cm

1 Photosensitive diode module is more sensitive to ambient light intensity, It is generally used to detect the brightness and intensity of the surrounding environment, On most occasions, it can be used with the photosensitive sensor module., The difference between the two is, Photosensitive diode module is better in direction, A light source that can perceive a fixed direction.
2 The module does not reach the set threshold when the condition of light is free or the light intensity is not reached.,DO Mouth output high level, When the ambient light intensity exceeds the set threshold, ModularD0 Output low level;
3 Small digital outputD0 Can be directly connected with the single chip microcomputer, Detection of high and low levels by single chip microcomputer, To detect the change of light intensity in the environment;
4 Small digital outputDO It can directly drive the relay module in our shop, Thus a photoelectric switch can be made up;




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