Quartz Absorption Cells 1.2 ml Micro Quartz Cuvette Slit 3mm (Liquid Sample Cell ) 1200 ul Frit Sintering Technology 2 / PK


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  • Brand Name: JVLAB
  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • Model Number: 1200 ul
  • Material of cuvette: Quartz glass
  • Material of lid: PTFE
  • Light path: 10 mm
  • Slit: 3 mm
  • Capacity: 1.2 ml
  • Dimensions: 12.5* 12.5 * 45 mm
  • Package: 2/PK

Material of cuvette: Quartz glass
Material of lid: PTFE
Capacity: 1200 ul / 1.2 ml
Light path: 10 mm
Slit: 3 mm
Dimension: 12.5mm * 12.5 mm * 45 mm
Package: 2 / PK

This product is made by  frit sintering technology, with good light transmission, it can put organic solution,  it can resistant acid, alkali and corrosion, not unglued deformation, very durable, it can be a long soak with alcohol use ultrasonic cleaning , both sides of the light through. Its flat bottom.

The correct use of cuvettes and precautions:
1. While using cuvette, the two translucent surface to be completely parallel to the vertical and placed in the cuvette rack, to ensure that the measurement, the incident light perpendicular to the translucent surface to avoid the loss of light reflection to ensure that light Cheng fixed.
2. Cuvette is generally rectangular, the bottom and sides is made by frosted glass, and the other two sides are sticked-up by transparent glass.

Please pay attention when using:
1. When taking the cuvette, please touch the sides of the  frosted glass, please pay attention do not touch the transparent glass.
2. Do not touch the transparent glass with hard objects or dirt. When filling solution, the maximium height of the cuvette is 2/3. If there is residual liquid in the transparent glass, please gently adsorbed with filter paper, and then use lens paper or silk to wipe.
3. Please do not put any substances solution that corrode glass into the cuvette for a long time.
4. Please rinse with water immediately after using the cuvette. If necessary, please use 1: 1 hydrochloric acid soak, and then rinse with water. Please do not place the cuvette on the flame or electric furnace for heating or drying oven baking

How to clean the cuvette:
1. If water can not clean when measuring the acidic solution, please wash with weak alkaline solution. If water can not clean when measuring the alkaline solution, please wash with a weak acid solution. If water can not clean when measure organic solution, please wash with organic solution such as alcohol.
2. Because of the diffrence material of the micro cuvette, please pay attention do not soak it in alcohol. Please clean it immediataly after using with cotton balls or mirror paper, dry it, and store in a clean container or box for the next usage.
3. The melted cuvette can be soaked in alcohol or acidic solution for a long time, and it also can be cleaned with ultrasonic, but the ultrasonic frequency should be adjusted to the lowest during operation to avoid that excessive frequency damage the cuvette.
4. Please do not use the follow items to clean or scrub the cuvette, alkaline solution, coin, brush or orther items.
5. Analysis of common chromic acid washing liquids should not be used for cuvette cleaning, because the water-carrying cuvette will locally heat up in the washing liquid, causing the cuvette cemented surface to crack and be damaged ( Except for cuvette made by melting process). At the same time, the washed cuvette will retain a trace amount of chromium, which is absorbed in the ultraviolet region, this affecting the determination of chromium and other related elements. It is generally recommended to wash with a mixed solution of nitric acid and hydrogen peroxide (5:1) and then rinse with water.


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