SMBB3232 Cut off the cutter bar Cutting tool rod ZQS323 cutter holder FOR SP300 NC3020


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SMBB3232-ZQS323: containing only the Knife holder (SMBB3232), Knife plate (ZQS323), does not contain a blade (SP300 NC3020)


SMBB3232-ZQS323-10P: Includes knife holder (SMBB3232), Knife plate (ZQS323), blade (SP300 NC3020)


SMBB3232: contains only the Knife holder (SMBB3232), does not comprise Knife plate (ZQS323), does not contain a blade (SP300 NC3020)


ZQS323: containing only the Knife plate (ZQS323), does not include the Knife holder (SMBB3232), the blade (SP300 NC3020)


Step1: One plastic pipe pack one piece, 1 pieces per group

Step2: Use the air bubble paper to encase the plastic paper

Step3: Put the goods encased with air bubble paper into the carton

Step4: Other packing will be accept according to your needs.
Packaging and shipping of cutting inserts:
• Standard carton can perfectly protect cutting inserts
• Support TNT, DHL, Fedex, EMS, UPS delivery, EUB, AliExpress, etc.

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