Zener diode KIT 15kinds *20pcs=300pcs 3V to 24V LL34 SMD 1/2W 0.5W 3.3V/3.9V/ 4.7V/5.1V/7.8V/8.2V/10V/12V/15V/16V/18V/20V/1N4148


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  • Brand Name: YUFO-IC
  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • Condition: New
  • Type: Zener Diode
  • Max. Forward Voltage: Vd
  • Max. Reverse Voltage: V1d
  • Voltage: 3.3V
  • is_customized: Yes
  • Max. Forward Current: AA
  • Max. Reverse Current: AA1
  • Model Number: DIODE 1
  • Package Type: Through Hole

Package Include:

​3V0 3V3 3V9 4V7 5V1 7V5 8V2 10V 12V 15V  16V 18V 20V 24V 1N4148 

15 values x 20pcs= 300pcs


PS:The kits is ready count and pack,so can not change Value from Above! Sorry!!

PS: Because the Component Kits need Spend too much man source and time! 

Need count it,collect it,pack it.It is a boring job!

If our staff make little mistake on the quantity,may be more or less for little pieces(1pcs or 2 pcs Tolerance).
Hope you can understand and accept! Sorry and Thanks!! 


More Value For choose:


1/2W  0.5W   0.5W    1W   1W
Voltage DO-35 LL34 DO-41 LL41
2V0 BZX55C2V0 ZMM2V0    
2V2 BZX55C2V2 ZMM2V2    
2V4 BZX55C2V4 ZMM2V4    
2V7 BZX55C2V7 ZMM2V7    
3V0 BZX55C3V0 ZMM3V0 1N4727A ZM4727A 
3V3 BZX55C3V3 ZMM3V3 1N4728A ZM4728A 
3V6 BZX55C3V6 ZMM3V6 1N4729A ZM4729A 
3V9 BZX55C3V9 ZMM3V9 1N4730A ZM4730A
4V3 BZX55C4V3 ZMM4V3 1N4731A ZM4731A
4V7 BZX55C4V7 ZMM4V7 1N4732A ZM4732A
5V1 BZX55C5V1 ZMM5V1 1N4733A ZM4733A
5V6 BZX55C5V6 ZMM5V6 1N4734A ZM4734A
6V2 BZX55C6V2 ZMM6V2 1N4735A ZM4735A
6V8 BZX55C6V8 ZMM6V8 1N4736A ZM4736A
7V5 BZX55C7V5 ZMM7V5 1N4737A ZM4737A
8V2 BZX55C8v2 ZMM8V2 1N4738A ZM4738A
9V1 BZX55C9V1 ZMM9V1 1N4739A ZM4739A
10V BZX55C10V ZMM10 1N4740A ZM4740A
11V BZX55C11V ZMM11 1N4741A ZM4741A
12V BZX55C12V ZMM12 1N4742A ZM4742A
13V BZX55C13V ZMM13 1N4743A ZM4743A
15V BZX55C15V ZMM15 1N4744A ZM4744A
16V BZX55C16V ZMM16 1N4745A ZM4745A
18V BZX55C18V ZMM18 1N4746A ZM4746A
20V BZX55C20V ZMM20 1N4747A ZM4747A
22V BZX55C22V ZMM22 1N4748A ZM4748A
24V BZX55C24V ZMM24 1N4749A ZM4749A
27V BZX55C27V ZMM27 1N4750A ZM4750A
30V BZX55C30V ZMM30 1N4751A ZM4751A
33V BZX55C33V ZMM33 1N4752A ZM4752A
36V BZX55C36V ZMM36 1N4753A ZM4753A
39V BZX55C39V ZMM39 1N4754A ZM4754A
43V BZX55C43V ZMM43 1N4755A ZM4755A
47V BZX55C47V ZMM47 1N4756A ZM4756A
51V BZX55C51V ZMM51 1N4757A  
56V BZX55C56V ZMM56 1N4758A  
62V BZX55C62V ZMM62 1N4759A  
68V BZX55C68V ZMM68 1N4760A  
75V BZX55C75V ZMM75 1N4761A





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