fluorometer cuvette

fluorometer cuvette A fluorometer, fluorimeter or fluormeter is a device used to measure parameters of visible spectrum fluorescence: its intensity and wavelength distribution of emission spectrum after excitation by a certain spectrum of light. Fluorometer cuvettes with quartz-to-pyrex graded seal tube. This structure allows for the cuvettes to be fused to other borosilicate structures.

pn junction diode

The PN junction diode is made up of two regions: p and n, separated by a depletion region where charge is stored. The effect described in the previous tutorial is achieved without applying any external voltage to the actual PN junction, resulting in the junction being in an equilibrium state. However, by making electrical connections […]

CMF02A Toshiba Fast Recovery diode cmf02a

CMF02A Toshiba Fast Recovery Diode (FRD) Silicon Diffused Junction, Module Number cmf02a . Applications • High-Speed Rectification (Fast recovery) Features(1) Repetitive peak reverse voltage: VRRM = 600 V(2) Average forward current: IF(AV) = 1.0 A(3) Peak forward voltage: VFM = 2.0 V (max) @IFM = 1.0 A (pulse measurement)(4) Reverse recovery time: trr = 100 […]


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TOSHIBA-in stock

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her504 diode

Specifications of HER504 diode Maximum Recurrent Peak Reverse Voltage: 300 VMaximum Average Forward Output Current: 5 AMaximum Forward Voltage Drop per element at 1.0A DC: 1.3 VMaximum reverse recovery time: 75 nsTypical Junction Capacitance: 70 pFPackage: DO-27Weight: 0.4 gramsOperating and Storage Temperature Range: -65…+150 °C The HER504 diode has a cathode (-) and anode (+). […]