You can find many LASER MARKING BOARDS at amazon, aliexpress, alibaba or other stores.

Dioded store offer many kinds of LASER MARKING BOARD here.

Just search them by module numbers.

Such as: JCZ SZLMCB-V4

Features (JCZ SZLMCB-V4 )
Standard DB25 connector can be wire to IPG laser directly;Galvo control signal is digital, which can be connect to most scanhead directly.
On-the fly marking feature. A encoder can be used to surveillance the pipeline speed real-timely;Multiple boards on I computer: One computer can control up to 8 control board to mark different pattern simultaneously.
Extension axis(step motor or sever motor): two set of direction/pulse signal can be used to control 2 step(server) motors.
16 general input signals TTL campatible): In0-in13, XORG0(IN14), YORGO(IN15); 8 general output signals(T TL campatible): Out0-7 coming out of Con5. Out0-3 are TTLoutputs. Out4-7 can be configured as OC outputs or TTL outputs.
LaserErr signal: this signal will be activated when there is an error occurs in the laser,OCoutput.
Remark function: this function is used to remark what ever is in the memory of the board, especially convenient for high speed marking of a same pattern; Compatilble with USB2.0 specifications.