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Built-in ESD Protection Device
RoHS Compliant

The NCSU334A High Power UV-LED from Nichia convinces with a wavelength of 280 nm and 55 mW optical power. Due to its compact and lightweight housing, it is very flexible in use. This UV LED is suitable exclusively for industrial applications, e.g. for disinfection or sterilization.

Attention: Invisible light. The LED poses a danger to the eye and the skin even with short-term irradiation. Please ask our staff for advice on this product before buying!

Nichia – world market leader in the LED industry
Nichia is the largest LED manufacturer in the world and the inventor of the blue (and therefore also white) light emitting diode. Nichia’s innovative research department is always at the forefront in terms of efficiency and regularly sets new records.

Lifetime, brightness and efficiency are among the great strengths of the Nichia brand. In addition, the fine selection allows for a great added value for professional processing.

Features of the NCSU334A
High-Power UV LED
334 package
280 nm
55 mW
Risk group 3 (EN 62471)
Dimensions LED (L x W x H): 6.8 x 6.8 x 2.12 mm
Application areas
Disinfection (e.g. water)
Sterilization (e.g. surfaces, air)
The article is a powerful UVC module which can be used for the disinfection of surfaces. It emits at a wavelength of 280 nm which is not visible to the human eye.
It is imperative to ensure that users wear suitable protective clothing against UV radiation at all times. All skin and eye contact must be avoided.
We recommend the use of the following protective agents:
Safety goggles
Face Shield
Protective clothing that shields UV light from the skin
Wear protective clothing at all times during use and ensure that no other persons are within reach of the radiation source without taking appropriate safety precautions.
Light can reflect, therefore special precautions have to be taken with reflecting surfaces (e.g. mirrors).
If skin tissue is exposed to the light source, skin irritation comparable to sunburn may occur. If necessary, treat the affected areas with a suitable cream or consult a physician.
Low wavelength UV light can cause permanent damage to the retina in severe cases. Make sure to wear protective goggles at all times when using the device.