SMD Planar Photodiode SGPD30C Photosensor Photosensitive receiving diode


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1000 PCS, SMD Planar Photodiode SGPD30C, Photosensor,Photosensitive receiving diode

  • Type: LED
  • Condition: New
  • Model Number: SGPD30C
  • Package Type: Surface Mount
  • Range of Spectral Bandwidth: 400—1100 nm
  • Wavelength of Peak Sensitivity: 940 nm
  • Open-Circuit Voltage: 0.35 V
  • Reverse Light Current: 95 uA
  • Dark Current: <10 nA
  • Reverse Breakdown Voltage: >40 V
  • Total Capacitance: 25 pF
  • Rise/Fall Time: 50/50 nS

Download the datasheet as following,

SMD Planar Photodiode SGPD30C Photosensor datasheet

SMD Silicon PIN Photodiode SGPD30C

Colour: Transparent ,  chip size: 3.00mm x 3.00mm  (0.118″ x 0.118″)

Range of Spectral Bandwidth: 400—1100nm

Wavelength of Peak Sensitivity: 940 nm

Open-Circuit Voltage: 0.35 V

Reverse Light Current: 95 uA

Dark Current: <10 nA

Reverse Breakdown Voltage: >30 V

Total Capacitance: 25 pF

Rise/Fall Time: 50/50 nS

Difference between Photodiode and Phototransistor

A.  Abbreviation:  Photodiode—PD /  Phototransistor—PT

B.  PIN Name: Photodiode—Anode and Cathode  / Phototransistor—Emitter and Collector

C.  Chip Structure: Photodiode—PN  / Phototransistor—NPN(or PNP)

D.  Response speed:Photodiode—fast /Phototransistor—slow

E.  Amplification characteristics: Photodiode—No / Phototransistor—Yes

F.  Output Linearity:   Photodiode—Good / Phototransistor—Bad

G.  Circuit symbol:Photodiode



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