Hamamatsu Photodiode S7686 S9219 S9219-01 Human Visual Vision Simulated Human Eye Response


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Hamamatsu Photodiode S7686 S9219 S9219-01 Human Visual Vision Simulated Human Eye Response

Due to the different characteristics of the two photoreceptor cells in the human eye, the cone and the rod cell, the vision of the human eye can be divided into bright vision, dark vision and intermediate vision according to the change of brightness. According to the definition of the International Illumination Society (CIE) in 1983, Ming Vision refers to an environment where the brightness exceeds several cd/m2 (usually considered to be more than 3 cd/m2). At this time, the vision mainly acts on the cones, and the maximum visual response is 555nm in the blue-green interval of the spectrum; dark vision refers to the vision when the ambient brightness is lower than 10-3 cd/m2. At this time, the rod cells are the main photoreceptor cells, and the peak of spectral light efficiency is about 507 nm; Between the visual and dark visual brightness of Yuming, the cone of view and the rod cells of the human eye respond at the same time, and the degree of activity of the two cells also changes with the change of brightness. Generally, from the sunny daylight to the illumination of the table lamp in the evening, it is within the scope of bright vision; while the road illumination and the clear moonlight night are the intermediate visual illumination; under the dark starry sky is the dark vision.

Photodiode with sensitivity close to spectral luminous efficiency
The spectral response characteristics of the S7686 are more similar to the traditional visible compensation sensor (such as S1133) and human eye sensitivity (spectral luminous efficiency).

– Spectral response is similar to CIE spectral luminescence efficiency
– Ceramic package, high reliability
– Photosensitive area: 2.4 × 2.8 mm
– High speed response: 0.5 us (VR = 0 V, RL = 1 kΩ)
-fs value: 8% typical (vertical light incidence)

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